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Xmas Survival Hypnotherapy - Only £30 per session

Whether you love it or loath it the Xmas holiday season is getting closer by the day.

In theory Christmas should be a holiday period, but all too often it turns into a maelstrom of stress and exhaustion that peaks on Christmas day itself.

To help you during this hectic time I have put together a special Xmas relaxation service using hypnotherapy and a few other tools.

As part of the £30 fee for this 30 min session you get:

  • A taste of EMDR
  • Hypnotherapy to help you relax and feel positive about Xmas
  • Self hypnosis for you to practice yourself at home
  • A relaxation CD using hypnosis
  • A taste of low frequency audio
  • Physical relaxation via a very comfortable, massaging therapy chair

The objective of these mico-hypnosis sessions is to enable you to relax and recharge so you too can enjoy the festive season!

Xmas gifts for the impossible to buy for...

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